Your guide for self improvement tips and resources

We compiled articles, e-books, tutorials and other resources for you to learn about self improvement.

You can download the following zip archives that consist of compilations of tutorials, ebooks, assesment sheets and simple 1-2 page summary pages for various self improvement topics such as speed reading, memory improvement, mind mapping, healthy diets, motivation, time management, getting organized, etc.


Description Cost Download
healthy_sleep Healthy sleep habits, can sleep time be reduced, everything you need to know about sleep $0.99
healthy_diet Healthy diet, eating for a healthy mind and body $0.99
memory_improvement Anything you need to know about improving your memory $0.99
mindmap Use mind maps to organize your thoughts and unleash your creativity $0.99
speedreading2 Speed reading: Read faster and understand better $0.99
time_management Time management: Use your time better $0.99
motivation Motivation: Learn to increase your motivation and stay motivated $0.99
getorganized Getting organized: Learn to become more organized $0.99
self_confidence4 Self confidence: Increase your self confidence and self esteem $0.99


If you need to research one or more of these areas, you will find that the archives you download from this page will give you more than enough information on that particular self improvement topic. You can find documents of various sizes in those archives. From 1-2 page summaries, or overview documents on the topics, to 20-30 page tutorials, or ebooks that consist of hundreds of pages.